Wednesday, July 23, 2014

What I Wore Wednesday- July 23, 2014

Hey all!  Welcome to my Weekly WIWW post!  Every week, for several months now, I have been taking pictures of my outfits and joining the WIWW link party with The Pleated Poppy.  These posts are something that I really enjoy, because I have always had a passion for fashion.  I love putting together new outfits, and shopping my own closet to wear things in different ways.  I only have a few outfits to share today.  I actually stayed home a couple of days and cleaned, and we had a pool day too. 

This is what I wore when I actually wore something presentable this week.  This first picture was taken at a family barbecue.  I have owned this dress for years- from the Gap.  The sandals are from Urban Outfitters, and they are only $34 right now. 


This was what I wore when Jason’s sister and kids came for a visit.  We took the kids to the park, and just hung out for the day.  Denim shorts are from Gap- on sale now for $29.99  The tank I swiped from Miss 18 Year Old’s pile of stuff to get rid of.  BTW, if you need some new tanks, Old Navy is having a great sale on their tanks, and they have some really cute one. 


The magenta flip flops are also from Old Navy, and are only $2.50 right now! 


My son was at State 4H camp last week, and this is what I wore on Friday to go pick him up.  It was a slightly chilly morning.  The jeans are from The Limited (no longer available), but all of their jeans are 40% off right now!  The Limited is also having 60% off all tops and sweaters right now!  The shoes are from Buckle-similar here.


That sums up my outfits from the past week!  Happy hump day everyone!  Oh, and if you would like to stalk my previous WIWW posts, click here.  I also have a new Pinterest Board where I pin all of my WIWW outfits.  I would love to have you follow it! 

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Family Fun with Klondike Kandy Bars

This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Weave Made Media and Klondike, but all my opinions are my own.  #Weavemade #KandyBar


Summer is a time for backyard barbecues, family gatherings, slippey slides, and kids running through sprinklers.  And that is just how we spent our Sunday.  It was a beautiful day, and it was nice to just slow down for awhile and enjoy spending time with family that we don’t get to see very often. 


Now, when our family gets together for a backyard barbecue, everybody brings something.  That is how we do.  I usually slave away making something yummy to bring.  But on this day, I had had a very busy week, and just didn’t have the time to even think about making something myself.  So I took the lazy, but seriously yummy route.  I brought Klondike KandyBars for everyone!  They come in three flavors, Fudge krunch, cookies and cream, and caramel and peanuts.  I chose the caramel and peanuts. 


Have you tried them yet?  I was so happy when I saw them in our local Wal Mart!


These Klondike kandy bars have a thick chocolatey-crunchy shell, light vanilla ice cream, with yummy gooey caramel inside, and only 200 calories per bar! 


What better treat to bring along on a hot summer day spent outdoors?  These little nuggets of deliciousness were a hit for sure!  People scarfed them right up.  LC included (he is such a good sport letting me take pictures of him in mid bite #hedidnthaveachoice).


These cousins only see each other once a year, so they always have so much fun together! 


For LC’s fortieth birthday a couple of weeks ago, I made a cake out of Klondike ice cream sandwiches.  It was super quick and easy, and everyone loved it!  I bet you could make a really yummy ice cream cake with these bars as well! 


Next time you are short on time and need to take a treat, pick up a few boxes of these.  I think next time I am going try the Cookies and Cream!



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Monday, July 21, 2014

What We Have Changed in 2 Years

As of June 30th, we have been living here for two years.  The time has flown by, and although we have been very busy around here making this home ours, we still have much work to do!  In case you are new around here, we moved here because we wanted to be in a more convenient location, closer to the children’s schools and many other conveniences.  We moved from a new home that I had built in 2003 to a split level home that was built in 1996.  This home is smaller than our old home, and has less storage.  We did gain one bathroom, and the number of bedrooms is the same, but our old house had a full basement and this one does not, which is what makes it seem so much smaller to us.  We don’t really have any place to just put things.  And although we did give up a lot when we moved, I could not be happier about our decision!  My life is so much easier now, I don’t have to drive as much, I don’t spend as much on gas, and it seems so much easier to get where I want to go.  Not to mention that we moved to a great street in a great neighborhood!

I thought it would be fun to take a look back on this past two years and see how far we have come in this house of ours.  We had exactly one week after the sellers moved out of this house to get it ready to move into.  That was not nearly enough time to get all done that I dreamed of doing!  this post is full of lots of links to previous posts, so that you can click on them and see the rooms in much earlier stages of progress.

Most recently, I have been working on transforming my daughter’s bathroom.  It was one of my least favorite rooms in this house, but it is so much better than when we moved in!  Since we moved in, I have painted, painted the bathroom sink and vanity, added new shelving, changed the shower curtain rod, and changed out the builder grade mirror.  I also recently laid new flooring in this room, but I haven’t written a post about it yet.  That should be coming up very soon!


We have painted Miss 18 Year Old’s bedroom, made over her makeup table, hung curtains, added storage for her scarves, added closet organizers to one of her closets, and changed some décor. 


Our master bedroom has been painted, we have installed bamboo blinds, and we most recently purchased new bedding.  We also installed a closet organizer into our master closet to maximize the space.  The next thing that will probably change in here is the curtains.


We have begun to work on our master bathroom.  So far, we have installed a new counter and sink.  I recently hung a new shower curtain, and I have created a pretty area where my bathtub is.  On this list for this room is to paint the walls, renew the dirty grout, paint the vanity, and makes some changes to the décor. 

I painted a chalkboard wall in Mr. 14 Year Old’s bedroom.  And most recently we got him a new bed, a new TV stand, changed some of the décor, and he got a mini refrigerator (he begged).  We also installed white blinds.  Next up on my list for this room is to take down the uneven valances and add drapery panels. 


Not much has changed in the boys bathroom.  I did recently renew the nasty dirty grout, which was a huge improvement.  And we also replaced the faucet shortly after moving in.  This room is on my list for a major change. 


Not a whole lot has changed in Mr. 6 Year Old’s bedroom.  Bu we did give him the loft bed that was in Mr. 14 Year Old’s bedroom.  There are things I want to do in this room, but they have not really made it onto my radar yet. 


Our dining room/office has come a long way too.  Most recently, we added shelving over our desk.  In the past two years, I have painted this room, taken down the horizontal blinds, added curtain panels, hung a gallery wall, and made over giant utensils for wall art.  I still have several things to do in this room, like stenciling one wall, painting the buffet, painting the table, having the chandelier moved to center over the table, and replace the area rug. 


Our kitchen doesn’t even look like the same room!  I have painted this room, DIY’d a painted subway tile backsplash, made no sew café curtains, painted the back door black, and replaced the faucet.  I still need to paint the island, and I am considering some type of change for the counter’s, but have not decided on anything yet. 


Last summer, I painted a checkerboard pattern on my top deck.  We have also power washed both levels of the deck.  Most recently, we purchased a café table and chair set for the upper deck.  We also painted some chairs for our bottom deck, hung some string lights and hung some brackets for ferns.  One thing o my list for this area before summer ends is to paint the outside of our back door. 



Our downstairs hallway has changed dramatically.  Most recently I painted the hallway door that leads to the garage black.  Last summer, I installed brown paper floors in this area painted the walls and and added quarter round trim around the floors..  I made a temporary solution to hide our boob light several months ago.  I DIY’ed a few pieces of art for the walls here and here, added a new rug, added a cushion for our bench, and painted a wall shelf for this hallway too. 


Our stair well has also changed quite a bit.  I have painted the walls and the front door, and painted the faded oak hand rails black.  I have also hung a gallery wall on the bottom and top, and painted a sisal rug for the landing.  I still need to paint the stair risers and the spindles fresh coat of white.  I almost forgot to mention the shoe cabinet from Ikea that we added. 



Since moving here, we have made significant changes to the front of our home.  We painted the shutters and the front door shortly after moving in.  We had the house, stairs, sidewalk and gutters cleaned.  Most recently we painted our handrails, which was a huge improvement. 


This is our upstairs hallway.  Over this past winter, during my 21 snow days, I painted the walls and trim in this area.  It wasn’t a big change, but definitely gave the house a more fresh and clean look.  I love the gallery walls in this hallway.  I also used drum shades to hide some ugly ceiling lighting.


Our living room looks much better than it did when we first moved in, but we still have lots of things to do in this room.  In the past year, we have replaced the area rug, removed the vertical blinds and hung new curtains.  We have plans to have the ceilings and walls in this room painted, and we are getting ready to have a mantle hung as I am writing this post.  I can’t wait to show it to you!


Our family room went through a lot this past year, because we temporarily used it as Our Swedish Daughter’s bedroom.  I recently got it back to use as a family room and took some new pictures of it, but have not written a post for it yet.  I do plan to show it soon though.  We have not done anything major in here since moving in.  I do have plans for a gallery wall in this room that I am excited about.  On of my most popular posts did happen in this room, and that was the post I recently wrote about how to remove water stains from wood.  There is a closet in this room that houses our furnace and water heater.  We had to get a new water heater this summer because our old one died.  but who wants to see pictures of a new water heater?  Not me!  I will say though, that our water is very hot now, and we have more of it, and that is always a good thing. 


Not too bad for two years, but still a long way to go before this home is finished.  And will any home ever really be finished?  I think probably not.  Because as soon as I have it finished, it will be time to either move or redecorate.  You know how that story goes!  I have done lots of small projects that you can find on my DIY projects and Trashtastic Tuesday pages as well.  Feel free to check them out! 

What changes will our third year in this house bring?  I sure hope you will stick around to find out!  It should be another productive year full of changes around here! 

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

What I Wore Wednesday- July 16, 2014

Hey all!  Welcome to my Weekly WIWW post!  Every week, for several months now, I have been taking pictures of my outfits and joining the WIWW link party with The Pleated Poppy.  These posts are something that I really enjoy, because I have always had a passion for fashion.  I love putting together new outfits, and shopping my own closet to wear things in different ways.  This week was very eventful!  Actually a fantastic week!  Here are some glimpses as to what I was wearing!

I wore this to dinner with one of my besties!  I wish I would have taken a picture with her because she is actually one of my best dressed gal pals.  I always love what she is wearing, and our taste is very similar.  This dress I am wearing is a vintage dress from the 1960’s.  I bought it at a Vintage store in Austin, TX a few years ago.    


Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Klondike Ice Cream Cake

My husband’s 40th birthday was on June 29th.  That’s right!  The Big 4-0!  I thought that called for a little something extra, in the form of a Klondike Ice Cream Sandwich cake!  LC had been mentioning that he was craving Klondike Sandwiches, so what better way to fulfill his craving?  And what better kind of cake to have during the summer heat than an ice cream cake?

Thursday, July 10, 2014

My First TLC VoxBox from Influenster

I recently joined a website called Influenster.  If you are not a blogger, you may have never heard about it.  I am not even sure where I heard about it, but when I did I decided to sign up!  What is Influenster, you ask?  Well, Influenster is a community of trendsetters, social media masterminds, and educated consumers who live to give opinions of products and experiences.  Being the media mastermind that I am, I knew it was just for me!  Ha!

Influenster gives these nifty little boxes away, called Voxboxes.  VoxBoxes are boxes filled with complimentary products from your favorite (or soon-to-be-favorite) brands. Not all Voxboxes are created equal: some programs feature an assortment of products while others will spotlight one awesome brand. But make no mistake: All VoxBoxes are created awesome.

Here's how it works: A select group of Influensters receive FREE themed product shipments based on the Expert Badges they have unlocked, their measured Impact across all connected networks, demographics, and, well, good old fashioned luck.

I was so excited a few weeks ago to receive my first complimentary Vox box, which is pictured above.  So, I thought I would share it with you!  Here is what was in it:

A Shell Fuel rewards card
A Pass the Puffs sample pack
A full size container of Avon ANew wrinkle smoother
A full size bar of Ivory Soap
A travel size container of Neo To Go (Neosporin first aid antiseptic/pain relieving spray)
A coupon for one free Breyers Gelato Indulgences

So fun!  And as for how I like everything I received?  As far as the Shell card, we don’t have Shell stations where I live, but I have activated the card and stuck it in my wallet in case we are ever travelling and decide to gas up at a Shell station.  We can save 3 cents per gallon.  Plus, if we ever shop with participating Shell Stations, restaurants, online merchants and more to earn fuel rewards savings redeemable at participating Shell Stations. 

And I use Puffs to go on a regular basis even before I received a free sample, I carry them in purse and my car at all times. 

As for the ivory soap, I am also a regular user of Ivory soap.  I am very sensitive and prone to urinary tract infections, and it is one of the only soaps I can use that does not bother me.  But I did something really special with this particular bar of soap.  I used it to make this DIY Car Upholstery Cleaner that I had Pinned on Pinterest.  My car was filthy inside, so I made some of this stuff, and LC cleaned my upholstery for me.  Not only does my upholstery look like new again, but it left my whole car smelling like Ivory soap!

Clean your car on the cheap with this super easy DIY car upholstery cleaner. It brightens even the dingiest seats!

The Neo to Go went straight into my car.  I haven’t used it yet, but I am sure one of the kids will be in need of it at some point in time. 

I haven’t used the coupon for the Free Breyers Gelato Indulgences yet because I keep forgetting it at home when I go grocery shopping, and I need to get on that because I just discovered that it expires tomorrow, yikes! 

All in all, I really enjoyed my Voxbox from Influenster.  Thank you so much Influenster!  When do I get my next one?

Are you a member of Influenster?  and if so, have you received a Voxbox before? 

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.